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Mer Whinery

It all started in Mrs. Daniel's 5th grade class at Washington Elementary school in McAlester, Oklahoma.


A young Mer was given an assignment to draw a sweet, tender Valentine's Day card for his mother. Mer did as he was told. Upon reviewing the said card, the teacher appeared concerned. Mer had sketched a picture of himself as a vampire and his mother driving a stake through his heart. Fangs, glowing crucifixes, spurting blood, the whole nine yards. Mer was confused by the look on Mrs. Daniel's face. He would soon come to recognize that look as one of horror. Of concern.


He's been feeding off that reaction ever since.


Mer currently lives in another sleepy Oklahoma town with his wife Annie and their two sons, Kameron and Harper. He is the author of two collections of short fiction, The Little Dixie Horror Show and Phantasmagoria Blues, as well as the weird western novel Trade Yer Coffin for a Gun and the coming-of-age horror novel The Country Girl's Guide to Hexes and Haints, as well as several pieces of short fiction in various anthologies.


He loves long walks in the woods, RC Cola and pork rinds.

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