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Joshua Loyd Fox

Joshua Loyd Fox is the author of several novels to date, including I Won’t Be ShakenHad I Not ChosenAmongst YouTo Build a TowerOne Becomes a Thousand, and Unto This Mountain.


He is also the author of the upcoming I Don't Write Poetry: A Collection, his first book of poems, and Book VI of the ArchAngel Missions, Least of These.


His short stories can be found on Amazon Vella.

He is an old-fashioned boy from West Texas who lives in the beautiful New England with his wife, editor and author Heather Daughrity, and their children, friends, and as many dogs as they can surround themselves with.

All of his work, as well as more information on his journey can be found at Author Joshua Loyd Fox website.



In Joshua Loyd Fox's autobiography, a childhood of abuse and loss became a lifetime of poor decision making, lost relationships, and not meeting his full potential. This created a state of perpetual rage and frustration that he unwittingly took out on his loved ones. Finally, after a battle with a possible fatal ending, he found peace, joy, purpose, and relief from the demons that had been attacking him since early life. He finally found peace after the catalyst that changed him completely.

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