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When the sun descends and night settles over the land, dark and dangerous things - hungry things - begin to stir.

At their vineyard on the outskirts of the city, the members of the De Alba Coven wake and
prepare for feasting and ritual. Within the rundown buildings of the warehouse district, the Los
Gatos Coven wreak havoc on the drug-addicted homeless population. And in the mountains
beyond, the Black Forest Clan are engaged in a feast of their own.

As the night progresses, the three bloodthirsty groups - vampires and werewolves, the oldest of
sworn enemies - move slowly but surely toward each other and the inevitable battle that must
ensue when grievances and grudges both new and ancient are brought to a head on the dark and
dirty streets of Fresno, California.

Blood Set by Patrick Fontes - Hardcover

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