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Our Mission Statement

“Our purpose is in being a family-centric publisher of highly creative books, audio books, and digital/video content using our three core belief systems: integrity first, excellence in all we do, and service before self.”

About Watertower Hill Publishing

Watertower Hill Publishing was a dream concocted by owner and publisher, Joshua L. Daughrity, aka Joshua Loyd Fox, in early 2020. He started it with one idea in mind. 


Joshua named the company after a real place. At the orphanage he grew up in, from the ages of twelve to eighteen, right behind his dormitory there stood a tall hill, with the signature white water tower atop it. He would sit up on top of that hill for hundreds of hours as a teenager, dreaming of the future, seeing into the past, and figuring himself out. As he is known to say, “I became a man up on top of Watertower Hill.” 

The hill hasn’t changed in the almost thirty years since he sat atop it, and like he had figured, his dreams haven’t changed either.  

For the first three years of WTHP’s existence, Joshua Daughrity only published his own books, finding success in the industry by blazing his own path and doing things a different way. He became an Amazon Best Seller with his breakout dark urban fantasy series, The ArchAngel Missions, and his autobiography, I Won’t Be Shaken: A Story of Overcoming the Odds, a book he often refers to as his “suicide note to his children.” As morbid as that sounds, it’s what catapulted Joshua into the literary world, and earned him recognition across the country. 

In WTHP’s fourth year, Joshua Daughrity married longtime social media friend and fellow book nerd, Heather Miller. 

Heather had started her own horror anthology imprint called Parlor Ghost Press. Combining the two imprints to publish Heather’s first anthology, House of Haunts, in October 2023, the new indie books power couple found a success they had only dreamed of. The anthology shot to the top of the horror community lists with a foreword by Josh Malerman and stories from such acclaimed authors as Clay McLeod Chapman, Gage Greenwood, Jo Kaplan, and Jean-Francois Dubeau. 

After that, and within six months, the combined imprints re-published or published ten books, written or edited by both partners, who together re-edited, re-covered, and re-released them all to rave reviews and good sales. 

In the summer of 2023, Joshua and Heather Daughrity decided to open submissions to WTHP, and signed seven new authors, with plans to publish twelve new books in 2024. 

From here, both Joshua and Heather know… they’ve only just begun, and there is no stopping them now. 

Joshua Daughrity has become best known for his daily catchphrase: "Hold onto your butts people. We’ve only just begun." That’s exactly the mindset that keeps WTHP moving forward and making dreams come true. 


To quote Theodore Roosevelt, “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” And that’s just what Joshua and Heather Daughrity have vowed to do. 

And they know that they are only getting started.





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