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The story of the serial killer, The Preacher, and the ArchAngels sent to protect him.

The United States of America, for far too long, had been over-run with racial divide, police brutality, hate crimes, and a government agenda meant to separate, rather than to unite, the people.
Harold Higgsby III, or ‘Three’ to his friends and family, had a past rife with death and loss of his own. Severe experiences in that past gave him and his closest friends a plan to change the direction of the United States, for the better.
He, along with the two Archangels guiding him, know that more drastic measures would need to be taken. Lives needed to be saved. And they would use the sociological fact that fear and terror bring people together much more cohesively than joy and celebration.
And so begins the decade of terror and death from the serial killer known only as the Preacher.
A story of serial death, the men and women tasked with bringing the killer to justice, and the resurrection of a great Nation amidst a decade-long crusade of terror, culminates in an ending as explosive as the journey to get there.

Amongst You: Book II of The ArchAngel Missions - Hardcover

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