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Angela Ramos doesn’t have what it takes to join her friends in the all-girl gang, the Destinas. She’s too soft, too kind, too meek. But when a drive-by from a rival gang accidentally catches her in a hail of bullets, Angela loses one life and wakes to a new one.


Conscripted into service as an Angel of Death, Angela will see a whole new world full of good and evil. She will be charged with leading her friends away from the dangerous lives they’ve been leading before it’s too late... while preparing for an upcoming battle against the darkest forces of all.


Breakout author John Cady  brings the first in a trilogy of young adult Christian fantasies in Angela of Death. A coming-of-age (after death) story that breaks the boundaries of everything we have been taught about the battle between good and evil.

Angela of Death by John Cady - Paperback

SKU: 126351351935
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