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"The only Choice that matters, Gwendolyn," the ArchAngel said. "The Choice between Life and Love."

An Elder ArchAngel of the Host was given a Mission that would be critical to winning the Celestial War, and would change the lives of two humans forever. The rub, however, was that the humans would have to Choose to fail or succeed.

In a world that desperately needed clean, renewable energy, Benjamin Reeves created a way to achieve the impossible, but for him, it was merely fiction. On the opposite side of the country, Gwendolyn Murphy found a way for this impossibility to become reality, but for her, it was a matter of applied Theoretical Physics, in which she was the world's foremost expert.

Two people, worlds apart, both with pasts rife with loss and pain, are given Choices to change the world, or to change their own lives. Had they not Chosen the way that they had, all Creations's future would have suffered for it, as would their own.

And so, here begins the seemingly separate stories that will make up "The ArchAngel Missions."

Had I Not Chosen: Book I of The ArchAngel Missions - Hardcover

SKU: 9781736298398
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