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The doorway was wide, and glowed purple-black. The group could see nothing from the other side, and as the Serial Killer moved through the steamy fog between existences ahead of the siblings, they could all hear his painful shout at what he saw there. As one, they rushed through, expecting the blackest of nightmares, but Witnessing quite the opposite.

The ArchAngel War has become all consuming. The Heavens are besieged on all fronts, and the doorway between the opposing Existences has inexplicably opened wider than even the Creator could imagine.

The Host does know one thing, however. When the FateMaker, Kreo Fairchild followed the Watcher Azazel into Antithesis, his power helped open the Doorway completely. The question was, did he do it willingly, or was he, too, a pawn of higher powers?

The ArchAngel Raphael has been tasked with a new Mission. Use the children of the FateMaker, children with powers of their own, to find, and possibly rescue their father from the darkness on the other side of the Doorway.

What Emma and Charlie Fairchild find on the other side, however, no one could foresee. Not even the Creator Himself.

Perspectives change, truth wins out, and what even the Heavenly Host thought for millennia comes crushing down around them. For the real enemies aren’t what they seem, and every coin has two sides.

Joshua Loyd Fox brings one pathway of the Missions to a close, ushering in the End of All Things, and Armageddon itself kicks off at the conclusion of Least of These, the sixth book in his renown ArchAngel Missions Series.

Least of These: Book VI of The ArchAngel Missions - Paperback

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