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......with the deep and dark storm raging outside the windows, he looked over at her, and found a reason to leave the shadowy and lonesome woods of his mind, to find the easy sunshine again....

The coming conflict in the Spiritual and the Material Realm requires one who will be called the 'Fate Maker.'

Kreo Fairchild is to become that person. Through trials and loss brought about by the ArchAngel Jeremiel, who was commanded to create the Fate Maker, Kreo must gain the strength of character and body to change the tides of the Celestial War.

But, unknown to both the Creator, and the ArchAngel sent to hone him in the fires of pain, Kreo Fairchild will set his own rules, and do things the way he sees fit.

And so...war, nuclear holocaust, and a re-mapping of the entire world befalls when the thing that Kreo holds most dear is torn from him by the very Favor given him to prevent those same things.

After a lifetime of being controlled, manipulated, and hurt by the very Entities sent to create him, Kreo will show the Spiritual Planes just what a human 'Fate Maker' is capable of.

Joshua Loyd Fox brings another tale to the ArchAngel Missions in 'One Becomes a Thousand,' showing the extreme situations coming to fruition as two Realities collide, and only a handful of humans and ArchAngels can stem the flow of horror coming their way.

One Becomes a Thousand: Book IV of The ArchAngel Missions - Paperback

SKU: 9798985556230
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