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The Fratelli crime family’s accountant, Tony Diderrick, is dead, which is a big problem for him, but a bigger problem for lots of other people... 


His two wives, one of whom knows he’s dead, the other of whom doesn’t know where he is, and neither of whom knows the other exists; Richie Fratelli, head of the Fratelli crime family, who wants to know where his accountant went, and more importantly, what he did with over half a billion dollars of family money; Jack Franklin, the deep cover FBI agent assigned to keep an eye on a man so high on the most wanted list there’s not a number to match how wanted he is; Stick Gordon, a masochistic hit man determined to find Diderrick and settle up old accounts, and Sandy Anderson and Carla Dyson, college schoolmates and star-crossed lovers in search of answers about their dead father.  


All these players converge on a hillside graveyard in the Virginia countryside, hoping to unlock the secrets the man entombed took to his death; some seeking wealth and power, some seeking glory or revenge, and some seeking closure. Who gets there first and what they do when they get there will determine whether the mystery ends in tragedy or redemption.

The Face in the Grave by R. Kenward Jones - Hardcover

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