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“What you were just considering, Dr. Mizuki, was to shut down the entity that will destroy the world as you know it,” the ArchAngel said. “I am here to persuade you to do otherwise.”

At the height of vast technological advancements, the human race chose to ignore the costs of controlling the fragile environment they had destroyed.
Mark Simon and his father, the brilliant engineer John Simon, would fail to stop what was to come.
And so, the world would end, much like it had begun, catastrophically, and as a result of foreseen consequences.
But a remnant of humanity would survive.
Against all odds, and evolved in the cauldron of extreme hardships and war, humanity would hang on to become the best version of themselves, ten generations later.
The descendants of Mark Simon, the three brother’s Simone, would lead the charge to balance the cost of survival with a rediscovered technology, and accomplish what their ancestors could not.
Meanwhile, the ArchAngel Host would be tested beyond anything they had witnessed before. They would be forced to give truth to the coming conflict, and horrors of which they would never be able to recover.

To Build a Tower: Book III of The ArchAngel Missions - Paperback

SKU: 9798985556223
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