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Gavin could swear he heard maniacal laughter in the terrible and deadly twister outside the shelter they had miraculously found, but he knew it was probably his mind making up greasy thoughts as he came down from the sudden and awful rush of witnessing their impending death in the flashes of brightest lightning....

The Creator is missing from the Spiritual Realm. The Host of ArchAngels, those who are left, are besieged on all sides by an enemy they are only just beginning to understand.

Another attack was to come, foreseen by the Father before He departed the Heavens. This attack would take place in post-Civil War America, the Wild West of 1869, and would center around two brothers with a darkness in their pasts so terrible only Redemption from on High will give them both peace.

Gavin and Colt Malloy, after four years of man-hunting the worst of the worst and getting caught up in a Civil War neither wanted to fight, would be conscripted, years later, to find the daughter of the Commanding Officer who had thrown them both to the wolves. Only saving the daughter of the General would save their lives, and their souls.

An epic showdown of Heavenly proportions could bring ruin and death to a wild land already soaked in blood. Past Missions already completed will collide together to assure the Host’s victory. But at what cost?

Joshua Loyd Fox brings yet another Mission to completion as the Host prepares for the end of all things. A tale as wild as the western land it’s told in will show that Redemption has always been a part of the Creator’s Plan. Who will win this Wild West showdown as the two colliding Existences war against each other for dominancy?

Unto This Mountain: Book V of The ArchAngel Missions - Paperback

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