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Heather Daughrity

Heather Daughrity loves all things macabre, dark, autumnal, supernatural, and horrific.

She lives on the East Coast with her husband, author and publisher Joshua Loyd Fox, where together they spend their days reading, writing, and being blissfully bookish.

She writes horror - the quiet, creeping, psychological kind, full of moaning wind, shifting shadows, and psychological pain.  When she's not writing, she works as a freelance editor, helping authors make their stories the best they can be.


Heather loves digging in the dirt, hiking in the woods, whipping up delicious desserts in the kitchen, and generally soaking up all the weird and wild beauty of the world.

In 1823, Josiah Hale built his family a grand home in the sultry heat and blinding glare of the Deep South. It wasn’t long before the shadows crept in. Now, two hundred years later, this grand home stands forlorn, abandoned, blank windows reflecting only darkness.

"I think this must really be the most comprehensive book about a haunting I've ever read... And the writing all adds up to what is probably the strongest writing in any anthology I've read." 

-- Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box

Millie lives a lonely life in her big house, until the strange occurrences begin, causing her to wonder if it’s reality, or just in her mind. Suzanne is worried about the strange goings-on in her mother’s house. Guilt and a strained relationship have kept her at a distance, but something must be done.

"Clear your calendar for the day and get comfortable, you won’t want to put this one down. " -- Amazon reviewer

My Grandma Nan was a storyteller. We would gather round and listen with rapt attention as she spun her yarns, hanging on every deliciously spooky word. In this book I have taken the songs and legends passed down through my family and crafted them into delightfully unsettling tales. Herein lies a collection of dark stories about thieves and murderers, strange creatures and horrific happenings, ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. These are the tales my grandmother told me.

The dead are gone but not forgotten. Each life leaves an imprint, a legacy, an echo... A mother drowning in lonely Despair. A man suffering a hellish night dealing with his father's Demons. A woman caught up in a twisted and supernatural Desire. Here are tales of psychological anguish, featuring hauntings both real and imagined, which take readers deep into the nightmarish horrors of guilt, pain, and grief. These stories explore the aftermath of loss and the struggle of the living as they fight the maddening reverberations that loss spins through their own lives - as they find themselves caught up in the Echoes of the Dead.

Coming soon

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