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Joshua Loyd Fox

Joshua Loyd Fox is the author of several novels to date, including I Won’t Be Shaken; Had I Not Chosen; Amongst You; To Build a TowerOne Becomes a Thousand; and Unto This Mountain.


He is also the author of the upcoming I Don't Write Poetry: A Collection, his first book of poems, and Book VI of the ArchAngel Missions, Least of These.


His short stories can be found on Amazon Vella.

He is an old-fashioned boy from West Texas who lives in beautiful New England with his wife, editor and author Heather Daughrity, and their children, friends, and as many dogs as they can surround themselves with.

All of his work, as well as more information on his journey can be found at Author Joshua Loyd Fox website.

ArchAngel Missions series

Chosen (Front)_edited.jpg

The only Choice that matters, Gwendolyn," the ArchAngel said. "The Choice between Life and Love."

An Elder ArchAngel of the Host was given a Mission that would be critical to winning the Celestial War and would change the lives of two humans forever. The rub, however, was that the humans would have to Choose to fail or succeed.

In a world that needed clean, renewable energy, Benjamin Reeves created a way to achieve the impossible, but for him, it was merely fiction. On the opposite side of the country, Gwendolyn Murphy found a way for this impossibility to become reality, but for her, it was a matter of applied Theoretical Physics, in which she was the world's foremost expert.

Two people, worlds apart, both with pasts rife with loss and pain, are given Choices to change the world, or to change their own lives. Had they not Chosen the way that they had, all Creations's future would have suffered for it, as would their own.

And so, here begins the seemingly separate stories that will make up "The ArchAngel Missions."


The story of the serial killer, The Preacher, and the ArchAngels sent to protect him.

The United States of America, for far too long, had been over-run with racial divide, police brutality, hate crimes, and a government agenda meant to separate, rather than to unite, the people. Harold Higgsby III, or ‘Three’ to his friends and family, had a past rife with death and loss of his own. Severe experiences in that past gave him and his closest friends a plan to change the direction of the United States, for the better. He, along with the two Archangels guiding him, know that more drastic measures would need to be taken. Lives needed to be saved. And they would use the sociological fact that fear and terror bring people together much more cohesively than joy and celebration. And so begins the decade of terror and death from the serial killer known only as the Preacher. A story of serial death, the men and women tasked with bringing the killer to justice, and the resurrection of a great Nation amidst a decade-long crusade of terror, culminates in an ending as explosive as the journey to get there.

Tower Cover - Front.jpg

“What you were just considering, Dr. Mizuki, was to shut down the entity that will destroy the world as you know it,” the ArchAngel said. “I am here to persuade you to do otherwise.”

At the height of vast technological advancements, the human race chose to ignore the costs of controlling the fragile environment they had destroyed. Mark Simon and his father, the brilliant engineer John Simon, would fail to stop what was to come. And so, the world would end, much like it had begun, catastrophically, and as a result of foreseen consequences. But a remnant of humanity would survive. Against all odds, and evolved in the cauldron of extreme hardships and war, humanity would hang on to become the best version of themselves, ten generations later. The descendants of Mark Simon, the three brother’s Simone, would lead the charge to balance the cost of survival with a rediscovered technology, and accomplish what their ancestors could not. Meanwhile, the ArchAngel Host would be tested beyond anything they had witnessed before. They would be forced to give truth to the coming conflict, and horrors of which they would never be able to recover.

Thousand - Front.jpeg

The coming conflict in the Spiritual and the Material Realm requires one who will be called the 'Fate Maker.' Kreo Fairchild is to become that person. Through trials and loss brought about by the ArchAngel Jeremiel, who was commanded to create the Fate Maker, Kreo must gain the strength of character and body to change the tides of the Celestial War. But, unknown to both the Creator, and the ArchAngel sent to hone him in the fires of pain, Kreo Fairchild will set his own rules, and do things the way he sees fit. And so...war, nuclear holocaust, and a re-mapping of the entire world befalls when the thing that Kreo holds most dear is torn from him by the very Favor given him to prevent those same things. After a lifetime of being controlled, manipulated, and hurt by the very Entities sent to create him, Kreo will show the Spiritual Planes just what a human 'Fate Maker' is capable of.

...with the deep and dark storm raging outside the windows, he looked over at her, and found a reason to leave the shadowy and lonesome woods of his mind, to find the easy sunshine again...

Mountain - Front.jpg

Gavin could swear he heard maniacal laughter in the terrible and deadly twister outside the shelter they had miraculously found, but he knew it was probably his mind making up greasy thoughts as he came down from the sudden and awful rush of witnessing their impending death in the flashes of brightest lightning....

The Creator is missing from the Spiritual Realm. The Host of ArchAngels, those who are left, are besieged on all sides by an enemy they are only just beginning to understand. Another attack was to come, foreseen by the Father before He departed the Heavens. This attack would take place in post-Civil War America, the Wild West of 1869, and would center around two brothers with a darkness in their pasts so terrible only Redemption from on High will give them both peace. Gavin and Colt Malloy, after four years of man-hunting the worst of the worst and getting caught up in a Civil War neither wanted to fight, would be conscripted, years later, to find the daughter of the Commanding Officer who had thrown them both to the wolves. Only saving the daughter of the General would save their lives, and their souls. An epic showdown of Heavenly proportions could bring ruin and death to a wild land already soaked in blood. Past Missions already completed will collide together to assure the Host’s victory. But at what cost?

Least Cover - eBook.jpg

The doorway was wide, and glowed purple-black. The group could see nothing from the other side, and as the Serial Killer moved through the steamy fog between existences ahead of the siblings, they could all hear his painful shout at what he saw there. As one, they rushed through, expecting the blackest of nightmares, but Witnessing quite the opposite.

The ArchAngel War has become all consuming. The Heavens are besieged on all fronts, and the doorway between the opposing Existences has inexplicably opened wider than even the Creator could imagine. The Host does know one thing, however. When the FateMaker, Kreo Fairchild followed the Watcher Azazel into Antithesis, his power helped open the Doorway completely. The question was, did he do it willingly, or was he, too, a pawn of higher powers? The ArchAngel Raphael has been tasked with a new Mission. Use the children of the FateMaker, children with powers of their own, to find, and possibly rescue their father from the darkness on the other side of the Doorway. What Emma and Charlie Fairchild find on the other side, however, no one could foresee. Not even the Creator Himself. Perspectives change, truth wins out, and what even the Heavenly Host thought for millennia comes crushing down around them. For the real enemies aren’t what they seem, and every coin has two sides. Joshua Loyd Fox brings one pathway of the Missions to a close, ushering in the End of All Things, and Armageddon itself kicks off at the conclusion of Least of These, the sixth book in his renown ArchAngel Missions Series.

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